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Zanzibar Building

Zanzibar City Excursions - Half Day
The half-day city tour visits Zanzibar's colourful market, which exudes a heady smell of herbs and spices. Other sites visited include the Anglican Cathedral, which stands in silent testimony on the site of one of the last open slave markets in the world, the residence of the late Sultan of Zanzibar; 'Tip Tip House'. The Old Fort and the House of Wonders - all locations rich in antiquity and full of intrigue from the days of long ago. The tour ends with a romantic stroll along the narrow lanes of the Old Stone Town.

Spice Tour - 4 Hours
Once used to hold "rebellious slaves", Changuu Island was purchased by a Briton in 1893 and converted to a prison (although it was never used). Enjoy the excellent swimming and snorkeling. The spice tour is guaranteed to sharpen your senses. Drive through the countryside to visit spice plantations - with an opportunity to pick, smell and savour exotic fruits and spices. The fragrance of cloves is always in the air on Zanzibar and this tour takes you to one of the famous spice plantations. Also visit the remarkably preserved Persian Baths built by Sultan Seyyid Said in 1850.

Zanzibar Site

Stone Town at Dusk - 3 Hours
As the sun sets and the city is called to prayer, walk through the old town and see the city from a different perspective. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the old town, visiting the historic buildings, places and shops in Zanzibar.

Jozani Forest - 4 Hours
Jozani is the only remaining natural forest on Ungunja Island. Covering an area of 10 sq km it consists of high forest, swamp forest and evergreen forest. It provides an important refuge for the remaining Ungula fauna such as the rare Red Colobus Monkeys, small Zanzibar Leopard and two antelope species - the Zanzibar Duicker and Sunni.

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